2022 marked us going back to a more normal life again. And I got to do some effects for a reboot of an old TV classic and revisit the Eurovision! And sooo many legs for the medical industry....
One of the most fun shows I worked on for this years releases was the return of Kenny Starfighter to Swedish TV after a 25 years break.
I was originally…
My biggest job for the show was turning Simon J Berger into the evil Dr Deo that wants to take over the world.
It was a really quick turn around for such a big job and it didn't get better by the fact that they cut ONE month of my pre-prod because they had to shoot one…
When on set they had the original legendary Kenny wig there and I could not resist to try it on!! Nerd....
Maja Rung as Penny Starfighter.
I made the teeth and delivered the wig for her.
Simon was great to work with!
He sat 100% still in the chair and he took such amazing care of the makeup!
The teeth on the left are the original teeth from 25 years ago. With age they had gone yellow and didn't fit the actor any more.
So to get the new teeth as…
What I did change was to add some gums at the top for Penny (Who's teeeth should look as much as Kenny's as possible) since she didn't have any natural grips on…
Penny and her teeth
To design Dr Deo on such a small budget I didn't feel I could go full scale directly.
So since it was filmed during Covid times I was not able to do a normal head cast of him and we used a 3D scanner instead.
So I could then print a small copy of Simon and sculpt on that to show the directors.
Here you can see the size!
A timelapse video of my applying the makeup. Look at the window at the left and see the sun come up....
It was an early start that day...
Simon J Berger as Dr Deo
Simon J Berger as Dr Deo
Simon J Berger as Dr Deo
Simon J Berger as Dr Deo
Simon J Berger as Dr Deo
Johan Rheborg as the 25 years older, fat, pot hair cut yellow teeth Kenny before his transformation