Dead bodies, Bigfoots, blood, body parts, charity work and more murders. Yeah, that was 2017 for me. Good year!
Sometimes you just have to feel a bit loose and easy!
That is when I put on my fur suit and dance a bit!!
This job was a lot of fun before the shoot. Once in the woods you can't imagine how much stuff that gets caught in the fur.
I spent so much of the day laying on…
Since I only got to meet the actor on the same days as the shoot I had to have a lot of different beards and wigs ready for fitting.
Here is the complete outfit.
Here our actor Frederick Vaamonde with the forehead piece already on.
It was so much fun to get the skin tone right. He is not having any makeup on the lower…
Having fun!!
Here comes bigfoot!!
And completed!
Since we had a limited budget and time (as always) I could not have a full suit being made but used a Chewbacca suit that I found on Ebay.
Ugh ugh!!
And the video we made.
This next job was HUGE!!!!
Do you see the guy in the bed??
He is all silicone made by me and my team from the Gothenburg Opera.
This is a screenshot from the web trailer.
I never had a chance to take any photos on rehearsals.
Me and Peter!
Peter our model was close to 70 years old so early on we decided not to even try to do a full body cast but instead we split it up for later assembly.
Since we needed to be able to keep his body shape intact I came up with this solution.
I glued strips of rubber sealant on his body that would stay there between the different body casts.
This way I had a way to see how we should later cut the…
Chest cast
Finished back, head and chest cast.
As you can see we left the front parts of certain anatomy from the cast.
Some privacy is always good!!
So much silicone.
The hands needed to have the fingers curled so instead of doing plaster bandage on the outside I added a stiff wide cloth to it which kept it…