What a year! Most likely the year I will talk about before I die....

The beast! We travelled all over Sweden with this play and soooo many TV shows. Fred was a great guy to work with!

And then when I felt like I couldn't top myself at the opera I quit and started working at Folkteatern.

The first thing there was a really fun fantasy wig wig thing! Great year!
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Sk├Ânheten och odjuret dvd omslag
"Beauty and the beast" The GothenburgOpera 2005 the first time ever a Disney musical was allowed to do their own designs.
This was a really fun show to make. We (The wonderful Kerstin Olsen and me) worked really hard and long hours but it was an experience of a life time.
Here you can see me doing a test sculpt for the beast.
Fred Johansson who got to be glued on soooo much as the beast. He is a really great guy!
My favorite shot of the beast.
On these early makeup tests I thought that the beard was a bit too big. So I changed it.
Still a bit thick here.
Before you get the right look you need a lot of tests!
This is stunt mask for the next to last scene when the real beast was out preparing for the transformation.
I love this shot!
Beauty and the Beast