What a year! Most likely the year I will talk about before I die.... The beast! We travelled all over Sweden with this play and soooo many TV shows. Fred was a great guy to work with! And then when I felt like I couldn't top myself at the opera I quit and started working at Folkteatern. The first thing there was a really fun fantasy wig wig thing! Great year!
This was a really fun show to make. We (The wonderful Kerstin Olsen and me) worked really hard and long hours but it was an experience of a life time.
Here you can see me doing a test sculpt for the beast.
Fred Johansson who got to be glued on soooo much as the beast. He is a really great guy!
My favorite shot of the beast.
On these early makeup tests I thought that the beard was a bit too big. So I changed it.
Still a bit thick here.
Before you get the right look you need a lot of tests!
This is stunt mask for the next to last scene when the real beast was out preparing for the transformation.
I love this shot!
Beauty and the Beast
The witch mask sculpt.
The finished silicone mask.
The finished silicone mask.
The face was very exagerated to catch the low light on stage
The mask was worn by a dancer on the top of her head and it was ripped off in a blink of an eye to transform her into a beautiful young woman
Here is Karolina Krigsman peaking out from underneath the mask.
Annika Edstam the beauty together with Fred Johansson the beast
I sculpted three gargoyles for the play.These were cast in latex so the moulds had to be plaster.
I messed up my back so bad when doing these....
The mold and sculpture most likely weighed over 75 kilos...