This was a an intense year! I started the year working on Tom of Finland and at the same time I did an 8 week TV comedy broadcast live.

And then I got to do a bunch of effects for "The Bridge".

And I got to make some poo!!
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Isn't this the cutest turd ever???
I got to make Professor Poo for a childrens play. I love him!
Here he is not trying to impress you with his glasses! Just having fun!
Well if you don't like me I won't look at you!

With Karin Sillberg in the play "Armen och Tarmen"
More medical models. Nasty!
The worst case scenario of bad diabetes..
Well I guess this would be even worse! 8 bad diabetes legs...
Taken to the hospital for proper care! Puh!
Oh no they are back for more...
I was quite happy to be asked to make some effects for the final season of the Bridge.
Thank you to HoD Metha Engqvist Griffiths