The biggest thing that I did this year was the silicone aging for the opera. It completely changed my way of how I think of makeup. I wish more things like that came along. Do you have something for me?
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Ulla Svedin in a classic hair style for "Mater Nexus"
Another baroque wig but this time for a ballet at the Gothenburg opera
For "Sech Tänze" at the Opera I made twelve rococo wigs together with Kerstin Olsen. Here is Andrzej Glosniak in his.
Some hairstyles for a ballet. Fast and furious was the way everything was done. I had 20 minutes to make five persons
Some hairstyles for a ballet
For the women I got to have a lot of fun with their hairstyles which we could change everyday. Here you can see Annika Lindquist in a hairstyle which might seem…
Isabel Fortes in one of the many super quick creations I did for her.
Some hairstyles for a ballet
Old age sculpt for Peter Loguin as Il Commendatore in Don Giovanni at the Gothenburg Opera. For the second season of Don Giovanni at the Opera I decided to…
This gave me the chance to again learn more about silicone.
This time I glued it on with the same silicone as it is made from.