2012 was a kind of weird year since I was busy all the time but don't have that much to show you. There was a lot of consulting for films where I made things but never applied anything myself. But of course 2012 will always be the year when I got to kill a pedophile (on stage) and also make some adorable creatures.
Begravelsen (The Funeral) for Folkteatern i Göteborg
This is a jolly little play about the funeral of an old pedofile. His whole family who had not seen him for ten years come to say good bye.Of course it turns…
The deadly beating was done on video and projected in slow motion when the actors did the fight scene on stage.
I used a number of different silicone…
Actor Erik Stålberg in stage 2 of the beating.
Actor Erik Stålberg in stage 2 of the beating.
Actor Erik Stålberg in stage 2 of the beating.
Do I have to tell you that we pretty much covered the whole studio in plastic before we started this shoot??
A last shot before we swapped him for a puppet
Here is a silicone puppet of Actor Erik Stålberg for stage 3 of the beating where we bashed his teeth out with a real fire poker.
On the day of the shoot I had to appy a copy of the same prosthetics as we used on the actor on the puppet. There was no time for a test run so when the day…
I made a soft copy of the fire poker so we wouldn't kill Erik for real.
He was grateful!!
We had to make a system with really quick ways to re-set it all for the next take. The teeth were made from normal plaster so they would break easily and we…
The most difficult part was timing the blood to shoot out of the mouth at the exact right time. Since we shoot it in 260 frames per second (I think) every micro…
There was blood everywhere!
This was a fake fillet of beef I made for the play.