This was a great year for me! A lot of fun work and interesting challenges.

More years like this, please!!
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The childrens play "Penguins can't bake cheesecake", directed by Lars Norén posed me with a whole lot of fun jobs.
I started doing some digital designs in Photoshop for the mole, chicken lady and for the penguins.
I like to start like this way to communicate my ideas with the director.
First test nose. It looks like a real moles nose but that was judged to look too much like a pig...
Four fingered mole silicone hands that caused the actor a lot of grief.
apperently having no thumb is not very plesant.
The hands on stage.
The first test makeup on my apprentice Robin. On this test I had no eyes showing and Robin had to look out through the hair. I loved it but the director wanted…
The final makeup test on myself.
The final makeup on Lars-Magnus Larsson on stage.
Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin