An introduction to wigmaking

The wigs I make for theatre and film are made using thin nylon lace and you are able to show your hairline.
Please look at the wig pictures in our hair shop.
Also have a look at how they are constructed on this page.


 But on this page we will show how a traditional style wig for personal every day use is made.
Please note!! This page is not showing how you make a film or theatre wig!!

How to make a personal wig for daily use.

Please note that theater and film wigs are made in a slightly different way.

1.After measuring the head for a wig or toupee the measurements are transferred to a wig block. The cotton ribbons are nailed to the wig block using the measurements.
2. A wet cotton lace is shaped over the wig block.
3. The lace is available in lots of colours and sizes.
4. Now the wig foundation is done and can be sewn by hand or with a machine. Try it on and adjust if needed.
5. With the customer you discuss the desired hairstyle, length, colour, curliness, thickness etc. This is to get the best possible result.
6. We only use real human hair.
7. The cut off hair is sorted in a hackle.
8. The hair is sorted  and is pulled into lengths for storage. It is very carefully cleaned before being used.
9. The hair is placed between two drawing mats and it's ready to be used.


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All text and pictures of the tutorial on these 3 pages is copyrighted by Göteborgs Perukmakeri and is published with their kind permission.