Details and close-ups of wigs

The most important part of a wig is the lace.
That is what everything else is built on.
Here is a close-up shot of it.
It is often very thin but comes in several different thicknesses and colours.

Something equally important that you will never see is the ventilating needle.
With this small hook I tie each and every hair to the lace.

All of the following pictures are close-ups of various parts of the wigs. I have published these so you can see how the stock wigs have been made.

This is a close-up of a custom hairline on the stock wig. As you can see the lace front is very thin but it might still be too thick for film work.
For film work is a special order wig better.

This is a grey standard wig with a custom hairline turned inside and out on a wig block

The hair that has been used to make these human hair wigs is 40 cm / 16".
The length of the finished wig might be slightly shorter.

Yet another picture of the same thing.
Here you can clearly see how much grey that is in the wig. It might seem that it is very spotted but this is a great help when making hairstyle on it. If it is done like this you can control how and when the grey is visible. If the colours are evenly mixed it is more likely to look like a wig.

Same thing on a blonde wig.
You can see how thin it is everywhere.
It is possible to put a parting more or less everywhere on the wig. You might have to have a wig cap underneath to simulate skin.

To make a wig like this takes at least 40 hours.
So it can test your patience sometimes!

An inside look of a blonde wig.