Styling a wig to look big and wavy

Here you can see the pinned up the wig on its a wig block. It has been washed and been let to dry. Do not try to roll up a wet wig, as it tangles when wet.

I have chosen a medium-sized roll to curl up the hair.

I am taking a small part of the hair for every roll choosing the angle I put it in carefully.

Before rolling it up I take a small amount of hair mousse on the hair to help set it.  Don't overdo it!

The angle and direction of every roll is carefully considered to produce the final hairstyle.
When all the hair is rolled up I cover it with a thick hair net.

I then put the wig block and wig in the dryer at the highest setting for 45 minutes. when done let it cool down for at least 10 minutes.

Take out all the rollers from the hair.

The choice of brush is very important.
You need to use a brush where the pegs can bend.
If the brush is too stiff you might risk breaking the lace.

Don't be afraid to brush the hair a lot.
The more you brush it the better the waves will be.

When brushing the wig I quite often use some shine spray. This makes the tops of the wig easier to handle as they are then following your brush better.

So now it's your turn to try!

Have fun and good luck!