Remove glue from a lace hair piece

Before you begin you have to find a safe place to work with chemicals.
I am using a cabinet with an extraction fan that keeps all fumes away from me.

If you do not have any forced ventilation you can always use a gas mask.
Make sure that the filters you have on it can deal with the solvents you will use and that is a new filter.

You will need two solvents to clean the hairpiece. Acetone and....

There are other solvents that works just as well but my first choice is usually these two.

When the beard has been glued on there is always left over's on the lace.
It quite often looks like this.

More safety stuff!
Gloves made from nitrile are the best!
Invest some money in these.

Do a 50-50 mix of the solvents.

Here comes the other 50.

Put the hair piece into the mix with the glue facing down. Leave it to soak for 15 seconds.

Lift it up and put it with the glue down on a towel or thick tissue. Using your brush press the glue down into the towel. The goal is not to get any glue in the hair of the piece.

Put it down once again and let it soak. Then again put it on the towel. You may need to help the glue to come off with your brush but be very careful not to damage the lace.

Once you think it is clean I take a comb and gently comb it through to make sure that there is no glue residue in the hair. 

If you find some glue you can dip it into the mix (if it is a lot of glue in the solvents pour a new mix) and brush it away.

Now the beard should be clean and you can re-style it for the next use.