Human hair lace moustaches

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We sell five sizes of moustaches in eight different colours.

Mixed moustache samples

We stock the following colours in 5 different sizes. 

Dark brown
Medium brown
Brown grey
Light grey
White buffalo

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Moustache size chart
The image below can be viewed as a PDF and then be printed.
This way you can cut out and see the size of the moustaches in real size.

Moustache sizes PDF A4 Format

The moustaches can be bought either unstyled or styled by Makeup-FX
You can choose from our style chart or send your own picture.

Example of an unstyled moustache.
Unstyled moustache

Styling examples:
All the moustaches can be dressed in any style for fee. The hair is always long to begin with and can be styled in any style long or short.

All moustaches are handmade on thin nylon lace with human hair except for the white ones that are made with buffalo hair.
Please check our colour charts here.