How to glue on a beard or moustache.

I still have not had time to make a video or picture tutorial about this so for now a text tutorial will have to do.

The materials:

There are two main ways to apply a beard or moustache.
You can use glue or double adhesive tape.

The benefits of tape:
It is very easy to apply.
You just put it on the inside of the hairpiece, peel of the back and put it on the face.

You do not have to have any solvents in your face.
The beard will last longer as you do not have to scrub glue off it 

The downsides of tape:
You will be able to see the tape through the hairpieces.

It's very shiny.
It can come off with sweat and then it is very difficult to stick it back on.

It feels even stiffer than glue on the face.


So when should I choose to use tape?
If you are on stage it will most likely work as people won't be so close so they can see the tape.

You are just testing the hairpieces prior to real application.

The benefits of glue:
It sticks very well!
If it comes off you can just press it back in place and it will stick again.
You can put glue all the way to the top edge and it still won't show.
Any shine can be removed by tacking it with your fingers or damp cloth.
It feels better and more secure to have on.

The downsides of glue:
It stinks! The glue is full of solvents.
It's expensive.
You need to wash the hairpiece afterwards before you can use it again.
The washing process makes the life of the hairpiece shorter.
It can be a bit more complicated to put on.

So when should I use glue?
Most of the time!
As this is the better looking method of the two we recommend using the glue technique to get the most out of your hairpiece.

The glue we recommend is Telesis from Premiere Products Inc. or Kryolan Medical adhesive.
Both these glues are silicone based and quite easy on the skin.
They are both copies of the now un-available Dow Corning 355. So sometimes you might see references to 355 and now you know what it is.
Makeup-FX doesn't sell any of these products as we can't ship them internationally because of the solvents they contain. Try finding a local supplier on Google instead.

You should NEVER use a glue that has not been approved for use on the skin!

And for your own sake! Don't forget to buy some glue remover too.
Never use a solvent to remove the glue as this can seriously damage your health.

The Lace:

When your beard is delivered from Makeup-FX we have left quite a lot of lace still on the edges.
Why? Because some customers want to keep as much as possible and it is very easy for the customer to cut it themselves if they want to.
There is no downside to trimming the lace down apart from that it can tear a bit easier when you wash it.

I never cut it down too low when I ship them as I want the customer to try it on his face first for comfort. If it is supposed to be in a theatre play most people want to keep as much lace as possible so they can reuse it time and time again.

If lace visibility is a problem try cutting it in a "zig zag" pattern to avoid the straight line the lace can make on your face.


Gluing it on:

You can prepare the whole inside of the beard and moustache with a very(!) small amount of glue on the inside of the lace  before you start putting glue on your face. It doesn't matter if the glue dries. When dry Telesis meets dry Telesis it reactivates to form a bond. It's pretty amazing!

Try it on your fingertips first to learn how little that is needed to glue something on quite strongly. If you use as little as you need the glue will be almost invisible.

I would suggest that you glue your chin first and put the beard on there first. When it is in place you just press it down with the teeth of a comb. This way you do not ruin the styling.
Then you let the beard hang down on the sides while you put glue on your cheeks.
It will be easy to see where you need the glue when you can lift the beard up to the cheek.
Then put the beard up on the cheek and press down with teeth of the comb again.

If you feel too limited in your movements by the big lace covering most of your face you can try this tip. This shortens the life of your hairpiece but does wonders in some cases.

Make a vertical cut in the beard from the corners of your mouth about 2-3 cm into the lace.
Be careful not to cut any hair off. Only cut the lace! Use a pair of small scissors and cut from the inside. In extreme cases I have even divided a beard into three pieces.

This way you can get lots more movement in your face but unfortunately it also means that you have to take more care when removing the beard and wash it afterwards.

Then you just apply the moustache with the same technique.

Have fun with your new look!