If you ever need to push hair into a foam latex or silicone mask so it looks real you will need a punch needle. The traditional one was just a sawed off sewing needle but now we can offer something much better than that.

Our punch needle has a crown of hooks at the tip of the needle making it possible to just push the hair straight into the silicone without any grabbing of individual hairs. This needle has become very popular and we have sold thousands of kits to customers worldwide the last couple of years including to some very big Hollywood films

We have five different sizes of needle to work for any project.

Size 19: Very heavy for hidden areas
Size 36: Normal for human hair
Size 38: Fine for thin human hair
Size 40: Very fine for mohair or wool
Size 43: Ultra fine for the finest fiber  

What do I need ??

Punch needles (of course)
A piece of silicone, gelatin or foam latex to punch hairs into.

Are there different sorts of needles?

Yes, there are two different types of needles.
The traditional one you can make yourself by cutting the eye of a sewing needle off.
This creates a small fork in which you can grab the hairs and puch it into the material.
The negative with this type of needle is that most of the time you have to fold the hair in two and that makes that you will have 2 hairs coming out of the hole. Also it takes a long time since you have to grab the hairs indivdually before pushing them in.

Traditional punch needle

But now we sell the Mak,eup-Fx punching needles!
This is a remarkable tool which makes hair punching so much faster and easier.
The only thing I today prefer a traditional needle for is eyelashes.
Otherwise I use a combination of the different crown punch needles.
Wacth the video to get more details of the benefits of this type of needle.

Crown Punch needles (available in the shop)

Ok. I understand? Now what?

Now you watch the video.  37 minutes long

That looked fun!! I want to try it!!
Well buy some needles then!

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