Health and Safety

The most important page of them all!
I am glad you decided to read this page as it indeed is the most important thing you can ever be interested in.

The makeup artists job includes working with a lot of dangerous materials and working under bad conditions.
Unless they have protected themselves
many makeup artists die too young or retire early.

I made a conscious choice very early in my career not to follow so many of my colleagues bad example when it came to the health issue.
So now if I die early it will be because of the same reasons as any other unlucky person and not because of my job!

I am not going to tell you about how to protect yourself on this page as I am not qualified to do so.
But with the use of common sense and a visit from a local health inspector you will find a way to be safe.

I have put together a short list of common sense rules. Print it out and put it where you work!

Rule #1
If you don't know what a material can do to your or someone else's health.
Don't use it!

Rule #2
If you do know that it is dangerous. Protect yourself!
If you can't get satisfactory protection or don't know how to, don't use the material!

Rule #3
Always make sure that you have updated information handy about all materials you use.
You may know about the material, but does your colleagues know?
Make sure that the knowledge is spread to everyone that works with you.

Rule #4
Spend money on safety!!
To play it safe costs money, but so does hospital care and lost work days.
See all investments in protective equipment as an investment in your future.
If you don't you might not have one!

Rule #5
Once a year I suggest that you bring in a health and safety engineer that can check if you are doing everything correctly.
It might cost you a bit but see rule #4

Rule #6
Don't get lazy!
It is not that difficult to wear goggles or stand under forced ventilation when you do something toxic.
So do it!

Rule #7
Make sure that the area you work in is well ventilated, properly lit and have tables and chairs of correct height.
When doing makeup's, don't accept having your "victim" sitting on a kitchen chair.
You will have back problems in no time. Get a proper makeup chair!

Rule #8
Go and have a medical check-up every now and then to check your health.

Rule #9
Allergies are constantly increasing. Avoid materials known to cause allergies.

Rule #10
Take pride in your safety efforts. Being safe is not being a coward!

I wish you a long and healthy makeup life!