I was working on a theatre show back in 2010 and the director wanted to carry a dead girl all around the stage dripping with blood as the show started.
The play was 3 hours long and actors had to walk around on that stage with blood all over it.
The theatre had just been renovated and I knew that we would have a pink theatre very soon unless I came up with a solution to this problem....
So I had a good think about what creates colour but doesn't stain everything.
The answer was of course that pigments are the evil here.
Pigments stain everything!
So what has colour but no pigments??
Flocking fibres was the obvious answer!!
And since flocking can be bought in very, very short lenghts it was the perfect solution to my problem!
I spent a long time finding the right mix of flocking fibres to get some great bloody colour and now I am selling it to you if you have the same problems I did!
It is not the solution to all blood problems but at least some gets a bit easier with this!
No small trickles of blood from the nose will work with this but for a head exploding on a wall this is perfect!

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