I am a problem solver and love to find solutions to problems.
If you are working on a project and bump into issues, then I am happy to help you and will even see it as a challenge.

I am based in Sweden, but I can still consult in either English or Swedish using Skype, Zoom, phone or email.
And I am happy to help wherever you are in the world.

I will do whatever
that is needed to help you succeed with your project.
This might involve some of the following: - researching, testing, making things you have problems with or do not have the time or equipment for.
I can even guide and teach you on how to do things for yourself. Just let me know your problem and I will solve it.  

You are welcome to e-mail me and say that you are interested in my consulting services.
Please look at my terms and I can give you an estimate on how much it will cost before I start.
You might just need a chat or an explanation.
Or you might want me to come to your location. I am happy to travel if you need me too.  It just depends on what you need.

Once you have agreed to my terms we can get started.
Then I will give you my full attention and make sure that you get things working and your project becomes a success.

I look forward to helping you!