Makeup books


The following books and magazines are my personal recommendations for anyone who is interested in learning more about makeup.


Stage make up  by Richard Corson
ISBN: 0136061532
The Makeup artists bible

Fashions in hair by Richard Corson
ISBN: 0720610931
The ultimate hair style book. I could not do my job without it!

The technique of the Professional make-up artist by Vincent J-R Kehoe
ISBN: 0240802179
Covers it all.

Body and Clothes by Rudolf Broby Johansen
ASIN: 0571087310
About body and clothes

Bizarro aka Grand Illusions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Tom Savini
Vol. 1.
ASIN: 0911137009  Vol. 2.ASIN: 0911137076
The Splatter king's own book

Dick Smith's Do it your self Monster makeup book by Dick Smith
ASIN: 0911137025
Good but simple book from the true Master.

Techniques of Three dimensional makeup by Lee Baygan.
ASIN: 0823052613
Lots of good pictures. Maybe a bit old but still very interesting.

Behind the mask by Alan Hedgcock and Mark Salisbury.
ASIN: 1852864885
Interesting reading!

Men, makeup and monsters by Anthony Timpone
ISBN: 0312146787

Making Faces, Playing God by Thomas Morawetz
ISBN: 0292752474


A very good magazine with very serious articles.

Makeup artist magazine
The only magazine that is for makeup artists only.

I don't read this one anymore but this is the mag that once got me started!

And since people keep asking for it. Here are pictures of my own makeup book shelves.