This is a re-usable silicone bald cap for theatre use.
It has no thin edges that will dissapear into the skin but they should be covered by glasses or some other clever solution.
It is very quick (10 seconds) to put on and is perfect for comedies and sketch shows.
It fits well on heads from 58 cm-61 cm. It can be adjusted for smaller or bigger heads too but there will be visible seams on the head if this is done.

But please don't order it if you want a realistic bald head!!
If you need to look bald for real on stage or film you need a properly applied bald cap and a makeup artist to help you!
This solution is for stage use with a tolerance for some edges!.

This can be delivered with or without hair at an extra charge.
We normally use a beard to put at the back of the cap and punch some hair to blend the edge.
But depending on the look you want we might also punch all the hair at the same price.
Please send us a photo of what you want!

These bald heads are made after your order them and normal delivery time is 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of orders we have .
It is also possible to add a permanent nose to the bald cap but to do this I need to have a copy of your face either as a cast or as a 3D scan. Otherwise the fit will never work!
Please e-mail me for more info about this option.

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