Wooden Wig blocks

I am currently out of stock of wig blocks!!
I will not continue to stock these.
If you are interested in larger orders (15 blocks or more)
please contact me and I can arrange it for you!

We are selling top quality wooden wig blocks and beard blocks. Unfortunately they are heavy and big so selling them online worldwide is just too difficult.
We already sell them here at Makeup-FX but we will not have a click and buy system since the shipping to far away countries cost more than the wig blocks themselves we can't do it with a clear concience.
So if you can't find the wig block you need in your own country and are desperate then e-mail me.
But if you are in Sweden you can buy a very cheap wig block from me!

Wig block

Bottom view

With a wig on.

The wig blocks are made of dried lime wood bonded with a glue resistant to high temperatures and moisture.
We stock sizes 56-61 cm.

The bottom hole is 24 mm wide and straight cut.

Large chin

Small chin
The beard blocks we have in 2 different sizes, Large and Small

Terms of sale:
All sales are made in Swedish Krona.
Shipping is included in the price
Prices include Swedish VAT for sales within Europe.
Sales outside of the EU are sold at the same price but includes 0% VAT to cover the increased shipping costs.
For EU VAT registered company orders, please use the
order form.

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