Handmade real human hair lace wigs.
Very lightweight construction
The wigs shown on these pictures are standard wigs.
For custom wigs see this page

We stock these wigs in sizes 56 cm to 62 cm.

Dark brown wigs
Price from 5400 sek
Medium brown wigs
Price from 5400 sek
Golden Blond wigs
Price from 6400 sek
Ash Blond wigs
Price from 5400 sek
Grey wigs Style 1
Price from 6400 sek
Grey wigs Style 2
Price from 6400 sek
Red wigs
Price from 5400 sek
White buffalo wigs
Price from 5000 sek

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Order a standard wig

If you need a wig with perfect fit to your hairline,
then we recommend visiting the custom made wigs page.

Wig construction details
If you want more info on how the wigs are made and close up photos then visit this page

If you want to learn more about how to work with wigs look at this page.

The hair that has been used to make these human hair wigs is 40 cm / 16".
The length of the finished wig is slightly shorter.