Order a moustache

Follow these simple steps to make your order
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1. Print out  the size chart on an A4 paper and check the size chart to see what size moustache you want.
If you are using US Letter size paper check your printer settings so the size will be correct

2.Check the color chart below and decide which color you want.
    Please note that these pictures have been scanned from the actual wigs and facial pieces
but the colors might look inaccurate on your computer screen and should therefore only be used as a rough guide.
For more info about color samples read this.

Facial hair color chart (Beards, moustaches, sideburns and eyebrows)

These colors are for standard facial hair pieces only. Special orders are available in any color
Click on the pictures to enlarge them. 

Dark brown
Main color: Mix color:
80% 205 20% 207
Medium Brown 
Main color: Mix color:
80% 208 20% 207
Main color: Mix color:
98% 217 2% 223
Brown grey
Main color:
Light grey
Main color:
Main color: Mix color:
90% 239 10% 240
Main color: Mix color:
201 5% 205
White buffalo hair
Main color:
Pure white

The color numbers refer to Fischbach+Miller color charts

Decide if you want your moustache to be styled by Makeup-FX or not.
There is a 250 sek charge for styling.
     If you do not want styling go to step 5.

4. Decide which style you would like the moustache to have.
     You can either use the style suggestions or e-mail us a picture to copy.

Style suggestions.

5. Click the button below to open the order form in a new window.
     Fill in the order form with what you want and send it!
     Makeup-FX will now contact you as soon as possible for confirmation and
     payment instructions.

 Thank you for shopping at!