Part 2.  Copying the Hairline.

The materials you will need to copy a hairline is Clingfilm (aka Glad Wrap, Saran Wrap)
, a permanent marker and lots not tape

Start by wrapping the Clingfilm around the head quite tightly. it is important that the Clingfilm follows the shape of the head.

I keep doing this until I have two or three layers.

When you have enough Clingfilm on you can cut off the Clingfilm with a pair of scissors.  Don't try to pull it off.

Now rub the plastic, so there is no air trapped anywhere.

I'd like to use a semi matt document tape as it tends to not be as sticky as other tape. You will probably use up at least half a roll.

I start off by taking strips of tape going lengthwise on the forehead overlapping each other.

Here you can see the first layer.

On this first layer you fill in the hairline with a permanent marker with a strong color.

You should also try to draw a copy of the ear onto the plastic as this is a great help when transferring it onto a wig block.

You are now going up or on tape in every possible direction to make the plastic strong and hold it's shape.

Put on lots and lots of tape.

On top of the tape, you once again, follow the hairline with the permanent marker. Make sure it is not an OHP pen.
You should also write the name of the person and the date on the plastic.

Now you should use a pair of scissors to carefully cut up the back of the plastic.

Be very careful when doing this to you don't hurt the person with the scissors.

Slide it off and you are done to send it to me and order a wig.
Now you should look at the examples on the how to order page to see how you should fill in the chart.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and I am hoping that it will make it easier for you to order a wig from Makeup-FX.