Part 1.  Measuring the head

I do suggest that you watch the online video or DVD as well as using this written guide to get the best results.
The materials you will need for measuring your head is the following:
a tape measure, hair clips, hairpins, a brush, and elastic bandage, a wig and measuring chart.

Before I begin, I brushed the hair carefully and put a little bit of water on it to make it easier to work with.

I take small portions of the hair and curl it around my finger. Don't take too much hair at the same time. this will distort the shape of the head.

I curl the hair very carefully on the hairline, and in the neck. The rest of the hair I just try to hide away and make a small as possible.

When everything is pinned up I wrapped an elastic bandage around the head and pin it down.

When wearing a wig you use this bandage to pin down the wig.

To cover the rest of the hair I'd put on a wig cap made from pantyhose.
Now it's time to do the actual measuring.
Print out the wig chart above before you start.
I start by doing the round the head measurement first. Start to take the measurement exactly on the front of the hairline and then around the head letting the tape measure just touch the ears.

Write all the measurements on the chart provided. Don't forget to put the name on the chart.
For a standard wig without a custom hairline this was the only measurement you need to take.

The next measurement is from the front of the hairline to the back of the neck.

The next one is ear to ear over the head.
All the measurements around the ears start from the same point, and that is where the part of the ear meet the head.

Here I am measuring ear to ear over the neck.
It is important to use the same point as previously to start your measurement

Temple to Temple.
Try to find the point that comes furthest to the front

Here I am measuring the width of the neck.
Try to find the widest part of the hairline when you measure.

Measure the length of the neck.
Again, you start from the same point by the ear.
You are now done with the measurements and you should now start with copying the hairline

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