Order a standard wig.

A wig straight from stock has a fairly low chance to fit well!
To buy a wig without a custom hairline works best if a perfect hairline is not important.
Examples of this could be that it will be covered with a hair band, it will be used on someone with no hair underneath or that you want to learn or know how to finish it yourself.
In these cases you are getting a great deal with one of these wigs but otherwise I would recommend buying a custom made wig instead!
Read more about how the standard wigs are made on this page.

Measure the head.
For a standard wig you do not need to copy the hairline. 

Follow these five simple steps to fill out your order

1. Decide what size the wig should have (56-62 cm) by measuring the "A" measurment from the chart below or as seen in the video.

Step by step tutorial

Video tutorial

Empty measurement chart to print out.


2.Check the color chart and decide which color you want.
Please note that these pictures have been scanned from the actual wigs but the
colors might look inaccurate on your computer screen and should therefore only
be used as a rough guide. For more info about color samples read this.

The colors below are the wig colors are the colors we keep in stock. Other colors have to be custom orders.

Dark brown wig
Front: Back: Mix colors:
205 205 5% 210
Medium Brown wig
Front: Back: Mix colors:
208 207 5% 206
Golden blond wig
Front: Back: Mix colors:
216 217 5% 223 2% 240
Ash blond wig
Front: Back: Mix colors:
212 212 5% 209
Grey style 1 wig
Front: Back:
273 259
Grey style 2 wig
Front: Back:
267 265
Red wig
Front: Back: Mix colors:
239+247 228+247 2% 238
White buffalo hair wig
Front: Back:
Pure white Pure white

3. Decide if you want your wig to be styled by Makeup-FX or not.
If not go to step 5.

4. Decide which style you would like the wig to be.
Try to find a picture with the style you would like.

5. Click the link below to open the order form in a new window.
Fill in the order form with what you want and send it!
Makeup-FX will now contact you as soon as possible for for detailed instructions
on where you should send your measurement charts and pictures.

 Thank you for shopping at!