Hair shop gallery

In this gallery you can browse through our wigs and other hair prouducts.
All the hair pieces are made by hand using real human hair.

For prices and ordering information see the product pages.

Human Hair Wigs

See pictures of our 40 cm human hair full lace wigs


Here you can see a few samples of our mustaches.

Goatee beard

Our range of goatee beards can be worn both long and short.

20 cm beards

For shorter styles we sell 20 cm (8") human hair beards

40 cm beards

For the longer styles we provide 40 cm (16") beards.

Sideburns size 1

For any movie based in the 70's you will need sideburns!

Sideburns size 2

And why not go for the full size sideburns??


Eyebrows is an incredibly powerful way to transform a person.

Wigs on a head

And of course that head belongs to Lars Carlsson, the bald man of Makeup-FX himself

Photo gallery

In here you can find pictures of our hair pieces being used by customers from all over the world.

Color charts

Here you get the tools to discuss color with us.

Size charts

Here you ca find all our size charts in place.

Hair Weft

For making thickness changes to a wig or beard we recommend using weft.

Wig caps

Under your wig it is comfortable to wear a wig cap.

Wigmaking tools

We sell a starter kit with wig tools.

Wig Blocks

For styling wigs the best you can have is a proper wood wig block.

Adhesive Tape

For applying these things we recommend either glue or double adhesive tape.