Sometimes you may be working on a project and will bump into problems and whatever you find on the internet can't get you past it.
You e-mailed me and got my horrible and boring "I am sorry" letter that I have to send out when I have to focus on making money and not just help everyone for free.
As much as I love to help people, the questions sometimes becomes too much and I have to say no and focus on feeding the family.

But if this happens I can help your project as a consultant.
We can then have contact on Skype, e-mail, telephone or I can do research for you.
Or help actually you making the things you have problems with or don't have the equipment to make.

If you need help please e-mail me and say that you are interested in consulting services and what your problem is.
I charge 650 sek per hour and will give you an estimate on how much it will cost before I start.
Then I will give you my full attention and make sure that you get things working!!

Looking forward to helping you!