You may have already guessed that this website is not really aimed at people interested in beauty makeup.
It is a big part of the makeup artists work and I do it often but on this website I have decided to focus more on the special effects side of the profession.
Beauty makeup is something very individual and I suffer from the weakness (as a makeup artist) that I think that the woman's face looks the best without any makeup at all.
So when I do beauty makeup's it tends to always look very natural.
Sometimes I get to do fantasy makeup's that I think is both beautiful and aesthetic.
"The Libidella" from Aniara to the right is a good example of one of those.  

Anna Suatan from Aniara, The GothenburgOpera
rococo.jpg (13199 bytes)
Karolina a Roccoco beauty makeup
An interesting part of beauty makeup's is to do classical makeup's.
These are quite often very exaggerated and stylized.
This is of course fun to do but can also be quite challenging.
You will have to do a lot of research to find out how the makeup's were really done in the past.
In the past many toxic chemicals like lead were used as makeup. This killed people so today we use safe alternatives.

Carolina Sandgren as Nanetta in "Falstaff"

Maria Hedborg in "Mater Nexus"