2011 Penguins and other nasty things

This was a great year for me! A lot of fun work and interesting challenges.
More years like this, please!!
The childrens play "Penguins can't bake cheesecake", directed by Lars Norén posed me with a whole lot of fun jobs. I started doing some digital designs in Photoshop for the mole, chicken lady and for the penguins. I like to start like this way to communicate my ideas with the director. First test nose. It looks like a real moles nose but that was judged to look too much like a pig... Four fingered mole silicone hands that caused the actor a lot of grief. apperently having no thumb is not very plesant.... The hands on stage. The first test makeup on my apprentice Robin. On this test I had no eyes showing and Robin had to look out through the hair. I loved it but the director wanted glasses of course. The final makeup test on myself.
The final makeup on Lars-Magnus Larsson on stage. Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin One of the biggest challenges was that the play was going to be performed more than 150 times and I would not be there. So everything needed to be maintained by the actors and still look good. Then you end up with solutions like this one. All the hairwork and false nose is all together and attached with an elastic band. This is my first digital design sketch for the penguins. This is not one of the actors that got the penguin parts. Nothing of these test things made it to the stage. Sad, I liked them.. The penguins needed feet so I started with sculpting a foot in waterclay. First penguin foot test on myself. Julia Marko Nord is getting her feet fitted and is loving it! There was quite a lot of dancing in the play.Being an actor is not just fun! A very highly stylized sketch for the chicken.
And where we landed with a plastic beak and makeup. Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin Lena B Nilsson as the chicken Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin Of course I can't leave my old hobby of making fish. These were for the penguin play. Always a pleasure to paint fishes! But never ask me what species they are supposed to be. I am just playing with the colors. DSC 7170 I don't even eat fish..
For my sons 5th birthday I made a Pinata. Not really makeup but it was fun IMG 3337 Grrrr... One of my first flocking applied beard. Fun fun! This is a silicone body with a breast cancer scar for a medical company. The same medical company needed an arm with some bad burns on it. Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company And of course they needed a big fat belly with some surgical wounds too
Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company Silicone bodypart for a medical company DSCF4029 DSCF4030 DSCF4032
DSCF4033 Ing-Mari Carlsson For Kon TIki 2012 I was only involved as a consultant. I did some test makeups and instructed the makeup artist of the film how to do it. Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen in test makeup beard for the film Kon-Tiki. The beard was made in about 15 minutes with a flocking gun and 12 mm synthetic fibers. The moustache is his own. I love my flocking gun! "Irene Huss 8 A man with a small face" For this film I made some cigarette burns and other stuff. Robin Davidsson in a test makeup for  "Irene Huss, Man with a small face" "The Wold hour! on Folkteatern. Childrens play for 5-8 year olds.
Test makeup for the Wolf from "The Wolf hour" on Erik Stålberg The final makeup we ended up using was less scary than this one but I really enjoyed doing this. The wolf only appeared on film so we could have a bit more advanced makeup on him. IMG 3952 I made some really fun glow in the dark rocks for this play. I got some glow pigments an dNEW I just love making nasty teeth! But to be able to do them safely I need to see you for a cast and fittings! So if you if you can't come to Gothenburg to do this then please don't ask me! The backup teeth if the first ones would be too scary! The wolf play also needed a which that would try to eat the children. So I sculpted this evil looking woman. A problem we always have to struggle with especially on childrens theater is that you are never allowed to have any makeup application time. So quite often I end up making masks that they can just put on themselves.
IMG 4122 IMG 4136 IMG 4145 IMG 4133 One of the actresses from one of the on stage videos needed to make a quick apperance on stage too so I made a silicone puppet that was on a rod. This is the puppet with full make on. IMG 4287 IMG 2716 IMG 2718
IMG 3008 IMG 3013