2006 Big bellies and ugly people

The biggest and best thingb this year was not about makeup at all.
We had our first child, Jack!
Then there was a lot of fun work too but Jack is more important!
I can't be a makeup artist all the time! Sometimes I am just human!
The biggest thing I was part of this year was the birth of our son Jack. Of course I had to make a cast of my wifes belly. Turned out to be a wise decision. The belly has now been in four films and three theatre plays. Here is a raw silicone copy of the belly. You will see copies of this later in the gallery. Next comes the real thing!! The proudest Pappa in the world! On 2006-08-23 our wonderful son Jack was born. And already on his first day at home he had to try a wig...... His Father is a makeup artist. He will be so angry for this picture when he gets older! This was a private project to practice sculpting Can you see who it is supposed to be?? 2006-15 2006-16
2006-17 If you didn't see it then sorry. I won't tell you... I am not the best sculptor in the world but I try.. This was for a TV series that needed a face less monster. The eyes were suposed to be removed digitally. Of course they realised that if they were to remove the eyes in post, why not the whole face?? So they scrapped the idea of using makeup. In August 2006 we were doing a show called Väx upp! (Grow up!) at Folkteatern. Some very quick handpuppets I made for the same show. Two days before the premiere the director came up with the idea to have these. Not being the guy who says No, I made both of them in a grand total of five hours. 2006-42 2006-41 Karin Sillberg wearing my wifes belly in Väx upp (Grow up) Folkteatern 2006
Karin Sillberg wearing my wifes belly in Väx upp (Grow up) Folkteatern 2006 They also wanted a "Ganesh" elephant God for a drug inspired scene in India. So I sculpted a big belly and an elephant face for it. Made the pieces in silicone and made copies of my hands in gelatine so he could have four hands pointing out like a true God. First elephant fitting Here the body suit is hanging on a special dummy prior to putting it on. Hey, I even made the hat for him! Not my usual thing to do but it was fun! A picture from the program. It is a shame that they didn't use a picture where he shows all four arms. The elephant arms showing are my fake ones. Photo: Kalle Sanner (c) Some horrible bllue wigs. Sometimes you have to do things that is not that great looking but it was great for the play! Stefan Sporsén dressed up as Per Umearus. More fun stuff. The director came in giggling away and asked if I could do a "Mission impossible" mask that should look like the lead actor but be pulled off when the actor came in for real. I had no idea how to make it but I don't like to say no. Fun fun! To find a good match I started measuring all the people I had around to find someone that would fit "inside" of Per's face. To help me with this I normally use a morphing program to mix the people. 100% Per Umearus So I made casts of both actors and made a silicone mould of the lead guy. Did a clay press in that and transferred it to the positive of the stand in. Made a mould of it and made a silicone mask that could be put on in less than 30 seconds.
Per 90%  Stefan 10% Per 50%  Stefan 50% Per 10%  Stefan 90% 100%  Stefan Sporsén When the digital test had shown that Stefan would fit inside Per's face (that sounded bad! Sorry!!) I made acast of them both and transfered a clay copy of Per's face onto  Stefan's. Then I made a mold of that. Here is the finished transfer/ sculpt Finished silicone mask of Perfor Stefan. Here is Stefan Sporsén dressed up as Per Umearus. We luckily didn't need to care about the edges around the eyes as it couldn't be seen in the special lights of that scene. On stage it worked really well. I even managed to fool Per's wife that it was him. Needless to say she got scared when he started to pull his face off! The next play we did was called "Vinst varje gång" (You win every time) and that had quite a few fun makeups in store for me. Like this fat lady makeup for the poster.
Lena B Nilsson as a fat shopoholic All the wonderful people we used on the five posters. This must quite simply be the biggest false teeth I have ever made. They were over 1.5 cm thick in places! The standard sculpt picture of the fat makeup. One more... Just before moulding it. Lars Magnus Larsson as the crazy janitor Lars Magnus Larsson as the old hippie. Sara Wikström as a frozen person for the poster.
Sara Wikström in an unused quick change head, eyebrow, glasses, wig all in one makeup. Ready for the stage in 30 seconds! Big boobies. Again! Why do I end up making so much tits?? Silicone of course. What else?? Lena B Nilsson in a very funny character! One more won't hurt?? A Finnish depressed couple visiting the shrink.  Anders Granell and Lena B Nilsson Another sad couple Elisabeth Göransson and Anders Granell One of the challenges with this play was the speed you needed to have. This change with three wigs and some very basic old age makeup was not allowed more than 27 seconds. If it took longer they would miss their entrence!! Anders Granell as an old rocker. Wig, moustache and eyebrows. This was so much fun! I was asked to do some lectures at the Congres LNE 2006 in Bucharest, Romania. I was doing three two hour lectures and then being a judge in the body paint competition. Then on top of that I ended up being a massage model for another lecture. So then I was fully naked on stage for an hour....... I am glad there is no video of that! Oh wait, there is a video of the whole thing but I will not show it to you!! It will go to the grave with me! One of the makeups I did for Congres LNE 2006 in Bucharest, Romania
Congres LNE 2006 in Bucharest, Romania