1997 Ballet and muscle suits

Knut Agnered from Galenskaparna is having a life cast for "Alla ska bada" Here I am in one of the suits. Terrible!! Here you can see some of the  bodybuilder suits that I and Gunnar Lundgren made for Galenskaparnas show "Alla ska bada" 1997 I'm soooo happy that I don't look like this! The only thing we could spray them with was PAX paint. It is a real nightmare to clean an airbrush after doing that... Karolina in a halloween makeup A foam latex and leather hat for a balett at the opera. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Two more of the four horsemen img0723
And the last one. img0728 img0729 A very stylised makeup for a ballet. This year I did a lot of work for Effektstudion in Stockholm for the TV show Riksorganet. I was head mold maker and foam runner and also sculpted a couple of hands.