1996 Theatre, opera and violence

Some things thins year should have been great but ended up being a bit bad.
I did a makeup for a big film that was never used and when I did my first big job in Stockholm it was a disaster and closed after just 10 performances.
But I am not bitter! I learned so much on these jobs!
Tomas von Brömsen in a test makeup for a the film Juloratoriet. I was really proud of it but unfortunately it was never used. img0652 The foam piece covered a lot of his side and he had a false nose on as well. A CD cover with the makeup I did the year before. A witch makeup on Helene Randby for Halloween img0660 Since I never got got to use the makeup for the film Juloratoriet I got my revenge by using the same design in a theatre play of the same story a few months later. Ha ha!! I (the skinny dude in the back) expended on the injuty a bit for the play by giving him broken teeth and a white contact lens too. The lens is not in here. My colleuage who was taking over for me needed to practice and I was happy to be the modell.
This for a really horrible opera but we had so much fun makeup jobs. This character "Rosebud"  I made a mechanical head piece that could open up on stage. Linda Tuvås as Rosebud Sadly the only two pictures I got of the open rose. Sadly the only two pictures I got of the open rose. For the same play Torgny Sporsen in avery blue wig and foam latex nose ridge. Peter Arnoldsson in straight theatre makeup and a wig I made. Torgny Sporsen and Marianne Mysten (Makeup and wig by Kerstin Olsen) img0667 I did work on an instruction film for the Police and we copied a lot of real crimes from the crime scene photos. My first gruesome job...
A woman who was attacked in the woods. Foam latex svollen eye and buising Me in a test makeup for Aniara at the opera. This is weirdly the only picture of me without beard my wife likes.... Kertsin Olsen and I doing a face cast of somebody... I miss that old pink alginate. It was great! Some donkey teeth for a Midsummers nights drream production. img0688 Regina Lund starring in the Blue Angel at the Intima teatern in Stockholm. She was taking the wig on and off during the play. Making some weft for the back of the wig.
The wigs I made for that play. Mats Helin in the Blue Angel. The cleft palette look was created by gluing a T shaped lace on his nose and lip. I thought it worked really nice. Some knotting for a little toupe Some makeups for the "Blue angel" Some happy bunnies from La Boheme opera at the GothenburgOpera Tomas Sunnegård in wig, makeup and titlerole of Tannhäuser GothenburgOpera