1990 My first TV series

My first job on a big TV show. Swedes still remember this show today!
I also did a ton of jobs on theatres but since I did not design those makeups I can't include them here.
For three months I had three full time employments at the same time. There was not a lot of sleep this year.
I was so happy to get a chance to work on my first national TV series. I don't hve many photos since I didn't know if I was allowed to take any on set and the young Lars was too shy to ask... For this shot I made not only the ears for 16 people but also teeth for all of them. On Hans Victorsson I did a couple of fun makeup. Here he is a mole. img0324 img0328 I transformed Jörgen Mörnbäck into the ghostly grandfather of Kurt Olsson. Here he is before makeup. I think I did this makeup over 30 times. It was great fun! img0352 img0330
img0333 img0344 img0349 img0346 img0347 I did this wax head of Lars Erik Brossner for a a childrens play on Folkteatern This wig was for a play called Hack on Folkteatern. I did lots of things for that play but this is the only photo I found... I wish I had some pictures of how this was used. It was used for a fake execution on a Kafka play. I uy gets shot in the back of the neck with spike. When the lights went down he put this dental appliance in and some blood. Light went back up and he had a free floating spike sticking out of his mouth. I thought it was pretty cool.
For the Gothenburg city theatre I made this gelatin head for Anna Karenina. This was before there was such a thing as skin illustrator or any other transparent paints. So there is no paint on this head. I was colored by adding transparent layers of colored gelatin from the inside of the mold. It was the first time I did this and it came out so well. I was really happy. It was also the first time I punched hair into something like this. img0363 img0366 img0370 A personal project on my girl friend at the time, Karolina. You will see her in a lot of pictures. I kept torturing her with my projects. Another personal project. img0385
Another one. All of them are foam latex. img0374 This picture was actually featured on a web site that was big at the time uglypeople.com and they thought it was real. I was so proud!