1983-1989 The early years

These are the early years of my makeup life.
I knew from the age of 13 that I wanted to be a makeup artist and since there was no internet or books in Swedish I had to experiment and teach myself everything. During these years I invented the wheel sooo many times.
Would not want to do it any other way! Failure is a great way to learn. You just have to accept that failure is a good thing!
All my first masks. Most of them were made from bathroom silicone. 1983 or 84 I still have that hair dryer in my makeup kit today! And all of these mask are still in a box in the attic. I can't throw them away! This part of the gallery is the very first years of me doing this.  I watched way too much horror films on video and that was quite scary. So I started wondering how things were made. These are my first shaky steps on the way to find out. I am not expecting to get hired on these pictures but I thought it could be fun to see where I started. This is my first ever attempt of a old age. It is slush cast latex painted with water colours. 1984 I am 14 years old here. My first Freddy attempt, slush latex 1984 I am 14 years old here. I can't even remember what I was thinnking with this one. 1985 I had an idea to make a werewolf transformation after seeing American Werewolf and The Howling but I didn't really understand that I wasn't the genious that Rick Baker and Rob Bottin are. Oh well, I guess they did some rubbish when they were young too. Oh again. No they didn't..... Ballon bladders in the cheeks. Still just slush latex painted with my sisters water colours. This was the first time I ever tried to make something a little bit more 3D. So this is a slush cast latex mask which the snout was filled with a very hard polyurethane foam from a building shop. It was baby step in the beginning. 1986 Look at the seamless mix between the mask hair and my own hair. Yeah! After seeing Hellraiser I just had to have a go at doing a skin less face.Slush cast latex. Also check out the wallpaper behind me.How could my parents sleep in that room?? The super red dots you can see was me trying to do some re-touching to the photo with a permanent marker. I stopped that then and there! Today Photoshop is used for design and not for fixing stuff up! Stay real!!
Do you remember the old film "House" 1986?? There was a really cool zombie soldier in it. I loved it and tried to make my own version of it and attached little cables to pull the lips since my own lips couldn't move them. Here you can see my collection of home made latex masks and moulds. 1987 I can see a few in there that I never tried. In the middle there is a Roy Ashton inspired werewolf I never glued on. Why?? My wonderful Dad helped me to weld together the hangers. My first bald cap and my first teeth made from bathroom silicone. I took the plunge into foam latex sometime 1986 and this is my first ever try. Of course it had to be an old age. Dick Smith was already then and will always be one of my biggest inspirations. I am 16 years old here. And then a quick try at some kind of humanoid wolf. The foam was R&D. A 3 component foam that succeded quite often. It took me 3 months to order the stuff from USA. No Swedish suppliers back then! I am 16 years old here. An attempt to make myself into my Dad. 1985 Foam latex monkey. 1986 Glued down with spirit gum it was not a plesant experience to remove things. Also on this picture you can see how much liquid latex I put on top of the foam and in between to get an even surface. Ouch! My first stage play. It was called "Härliga tid som randas" and was about a nuclear holocoust. So I had to make a whole bunch of radioactive scarred people. There was no money for anything. I made all the bald caps myself and painted them with RMG. Then we had to reuse the baldcaps and everything else up to five times. Those edges and creases are to die for!! Wow! Remember that I was only 15 years old here!
Some first attempts of age makeup for the stage. My first corpse! He should have died from radiation and burns. I made the whole body from scratch with builders poly foam and a latex skin on top. As you might see builders foam doesn't really stop expanding when you take things out of the mould... Painted ping pong balls were used as eyes. Luckily he was supposed to look wierd. I think this is one of the few pictures I have of the whole corpse. The feet I made by putting a plastic bag down into a shoe and then filled it with poly foam. If you don't have the moulds then improvise! Sculpt for a foam latex lizard This is a makeup I still quite like from the old days. I like how the colours ended up.
In 1987 I got my biggest challenge so far. A director asked me if I wanted to make a lot of trolls and some aging make up for a local TV show.I happily accepted and had no idea what I was throwing myself at. This is Eva Larsfeldt in age / dead makeup. I had no experience at all but that is when you don't know when you should most likely have said no. Saying yes was most likely the best thing I have ever done since it gave me a chance to try everything that I had read about and get money for materials. That long haired boy doing makeup is sooo young. A sculpt for the Mother of the trolls More R&D foam, applied with spirit gum. The wigs were built on a latex bald cap with ears integrated by gluing yak hair down on them. Then they had to be re-used over and over for an entiry summer. Magnus Redig as Klumpefar the old Father troll img0137 Anna Carlsson as Klunsemor Fredrik Andersson as Klump Ulrica Gustavsson as Klampa
Kalle as the Giant img0155 Thomas Arlevall as Klant img0146 Jeanette Hauptmann as the witch (minus the wig) See the old movie on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJqrR4gz0o8&list=FL6rNbCSJUpgCQ-OWg8sX9vg&index=1&feature=plpp_video Ouch! I even made an animatronic eye that could forsee the future.The little string hanging off the car roof is the cable that would move the lip. The eyelid could blink too with the crudest mechanic you ever would have seen. Had another try at normal stage makeup on "The merchant of Venice" Seeing that beard today makes me crinch...
img0163 Not proud today but it was an important part of learning. My little sister Lena in foam latex fat makeup 1988 First glove I ever did. One piece slush cast latex. An early experiment with a gelatine forehead. Guessing from the look I suppose "Lost boys" had hit the cinemas around this time. I wanted to copy every cool thing I saw back then. Gelatine burn. I wish I still had this little guy. I loved him. Foam latex animatronic. img0192 img0198
An animatronic with the understructure made from plastic padding. Tounge, eyelids and mouth were moved with air in syringes, The rest was cables. I have to try to find my old videos of these things. Any one got a working VHS player?? img0209 Me as a neanderthal My first acrylic teeth. My mum, Eva before foam age makeup. And here wearing a five piece foam makeup. img0274 Latex and polyfoam head of myself.
I read about Dick Smiths effects in Spasms and had to try injecting a foam face with hepthane and YES it swelled great. Low, low bugdet animatronic monster for a garage film. The jaws were cast on the top of a rubber boot with plastic padding. Then I glued a knitted mitten inside it. Hey presto, Hand puppet! Used spill pieces of foam for lips and ping pong balls for eyes.  The nose was re-used from the old lizard mask I did some year before. Eyebrow movement were simply ballons covered with hair that I could inflate to raise the eyebrows. Simple but worked well for it's silly purpose. Here is the finished little guy I want to find that video and those old pairs of scissors! A huge influence in my early years was Little shop of horrors and I had of course to make a small copy for my window. This must be 1988 since I did this makeup as a school project Is it maybe possible that I was slightly inspired by Lee Baygans book?? Myself as a fat old lazy dude. Apart from the lack of a proper beard pretty much a good prediction of the future... An old foam latex old age face on myself.
My old friend Jens as fat and old. SOme foam latex cheeks and some of my first acrylic teeth. I did a lot of various very low tech animatronics for a TV series . All run by hand. Doeasn't get more hand driven than this. Does it? I have never been very good with the fine mechanics. Again a makeup on myself. One of my favorite old puppets. Here seen without skin. Here she is. I miss her. I can't remember what happened to her. img0239 Another of my low tech puppets. This little bird could move the beak, head, eyes, wings and legs.
Yet another one. I guess I wasn't really sure where my career was going here. img0245 I was quite proud of this one. She was a witch and I did a live transformation in camera. Here she is wearing the first nose. And the final nose. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the transformation itself. I had a thrid nose on her that extended under the cheek appliances. Then from the side I had a metal rod pushing the nose forward to be as long as this one. It worked really well for a makeup artist who was still in his teens! Obviously I wanted to be older since I kept making myself old... One more puppet img0280 And his friend. img0256
My old friend Thomas in old age makeup. The same guy in zombie makeup img0266 I loved this litte critter.I did two versions of him. One was a hand puppet and the other was radio controlled. I built this one on a radio controlled skateboarder. It moved great for a hedgehog. img0286