Airbrush Splatter nozzles for 3D printing

Before you read any more I want to inform you that this product is 100% FREE!!
On this page you can download all the files needed to create your own nozzles with a 3D printer.

But since most people still do not have access to a 3D printer we are also selling them for 300 sek per kit including worldwide shipping
(That is approx. US$47, €34 or UK£28) 

But before buying them from me please be aware that this is still a project in testing phase and the pieces you will be getting are NOT production line quality items.
Also they can't be expected to fit every single airbrush out there either! But you get some tips below on how to make them fit!
You are buying them as a product in Beta / Testing stage!
So now you know!!

What you will be getting is three 3D printed (PLA plastic) standard fit nozzles S, M and L and you will also get a M universal fit nozzle with a bag of thermo plastic beads to fit it to your airbrush.

Price 300 sek per kit including worldwide standard shipping
Shipping options

Shipping options

A bit of history behind this project:

In the middle of February 2014 I saw a really cool tutorial on how to use a pencil to create splatter effects with your airbrush.
I really recommend you all to watch it! Not only is he really good at airbrushing but he is very funny too!

But after seeing it I of course started to think of a way to create a more consistent method that would eliminate how the splatter effects depended on how you could hold the pencil still enough. So I turned to my 3D printer as I always do right now.

This was the first rough test and I saw some potential here.
I did a number of different tests how to make it create the best splatter effect and the best way to attach it to the airbrush.
I worked on my own “work horse” airbrush which is a no-name standard low cost airbrush.
Working out the prototype on a no-name airbrush was on purpose.
Since no-name brands often use easy to get components I was hoping it would fit a lot of airbrushes.

Here you can see me spraying acrylic paint on my own arm with a test version of the nozzle.

On this picture you can see all the details of the airbrush I used in development.

I quickly realised that there are hundreds or maybe thousands of different designs of airbrushes and to make one that fits all of them is impossible.

The nozzle is made with a 3D printer and printed with PLA plastic which is a thermo plastic and will melt if exposed to high heat.
But that also means that if it doesn’t fit your airbrush you can maybe reshape it slightly with carefully applied heat.
What I have done quite often is to take the nozzle and put it into boiling hot water for 20 seconds before taking it out with a pair of tweezers.
Squeeze it on your airbrush and hold it until it is cool.
Then it fits!!

Another great way of customizing it to fit your airbrush is to use pellets of thermo plastic.

Take a few of them and pour boiling water on them and leave them until they get transparent.
Then carefully put the molten plastic in the nozzle and push your airbrush into it.
Hold it still until it cools and hardens before popping the airbrush out.
See an example below.

This plastic normally doesn’t stick to metal but please be careful with you expensive airbrushes!
I take no responsibility for damages to your airbrush!

The 3D printed PLA nozzle is very resistant to both Ethyl alcohol and IPA.
So you can use Skin illustrator inks without any problems!

After my first tests I wanted to find out if the tip size mattered to the splatter size.
And it did!! So I did an experiment where I sanded the tip down and then the pattern got smaller.

So then I started making new versions of the nozzle.
I have now made 4 different versions of it.
All of these can currently be downloaded for free.
My three standard nozzles S,M and L that are all made to fit the same airbrush as above.
The sizes means the size of the splatter dots and not the size of the airbrush fitting.

On the picture below you can see the results of the three different nozzles.

I also created a “Universal fit model” in size M that is more work for you to make it fit the airbrush but it fits more airbrushes.

All the way through this project I was posting pictures of my experiments on Facebook page
I was really surprised at how strong the reaction from people were.
It seems like people have waited for this type of thing for ages but no-one has made it.

So at this point I started sending out samples to get more feedback.

For those of you who want to print the nozzles yourselves here you are:


Download STL files directly from our web shop


I recommend doing 8 or 10 at the same time. The tips are so thin so if you only do one it will never have a chance to cool between layers.
Also I put them like this so there will be less sanding and fixing on the important side of the nozzle.

If you print them yourself please e-mail me and tell me the results you are getting.

I hope you will have fun testing it!

Please share your results with me and others!
Thank you!! 

Feedback from testers:

I got this picture from Peter Tindall who printed these on an Objet 24.

Here is one of the first feedbacks I got from makeup artist/author Todd Debrecini using his Grex airbrush:

Copyright information!!

All these files are released for under Creative Commons but only for personal use and no sales! 

This means:
CC BY-NC-ND (CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives), which allows you to use and share a work as long as you give credit to the original creator, but you’re not allowed to make modifications to it.
You also agree to not sell that work.
For example TED Talks videos use this license.

A couple of years ago when at first these nozzles were released as the Creative Commons license Attribution-Sharealike 3.0.
That licence would allow sales of our products but the new design doesn't allow that.
Since we have changed the original design we also changed the terms on how it can be shared.
So please use it and share it but don't don't change or sell it!

I have made these changes to the original design and therefore can have a new license.
There were some people out on the internet that made changes to it and sold it. But it no longer worked as it was intended to!
So from now on I will release my designs under CC BY-NC-ND instead.
All designs here are released under CC BY-NC-ND